During summer vacation period, both highways and regular roads tend to have unusually heavy traffic.  Before hitting the road, please consider the following driving tips for a safer trip:

Going to the beach is great. To keep it that way and not to end up at a local police station filing reports for stolen items, follow the ensuing 10 recommendations:

A couple of weeks ago The Private Case wrote about the sudden power cut in Argentina and whether it was an accidental event or it was created by a foreign power. On June 22, Venezuela was hit by a massive blackout, plunging the country, including its capital, Caracas, into despair. At 16:45, 16 of Venezuela’s states and Caracas lost power.

Many of us are taking vacation by the sea. For those of us who don’t live nearby and visit the seashore on occasions or for the first time, tidal changes, waves, currents and water depth can all represent serious challenges.

What is it? - Panic rooms or safe rooms are built for many purposes. Typically it is a strengthened room, which is use to protect the homeowners from harm. Such harm could usually come from intruders and from weather-related catastrophes, but often the reason of building a panic room is to keep safe certain documents and data or even jewels, cash and/or firearms.

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Russia - Weak bear behind the bars

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Summer is here – How to leave your house behind when on holidays

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Summer holiday safety – On the road

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The risks of shopping and online auctions

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The low cost of prevention

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