The summer vacation season is here. Many of us are heading out to enjoy our well-earned holidays in distant places or nearby lakes. While we rest, others get to work: for burglars the summer vacation season is a particularly popular time.

What can you do to protect our property while away? When you make it difficult or look difficult for a burglar, he will choose another property and leaves yours in peace.

The Private Case leaves you with these 12 tips for a safer house:

  1. Lock your doors with deadbolt or quality security locks.
  2. Install a security/alarm system with a reputable company.
  3. Install real or fake video surveillance cameras.
  4. Install motion-sensor lights and a few automatic night-time lamps. Or invest in smart bulbs.
  5. Don’t leave ladders and tools outside; don’t make it easier for a burglar.
  6. If you don’t have a dog, put a “beware of dog” sign on your gate, put a large leash over your garden furniture; leave a large dog plate with water and some dog toys in a visible place.
  7. Tell your trusted neighbour that you will be away and ask them to remove your mail.
  8. Ask your neighbour to park his/her car in front of your entrance/garage.
  9. Don’t post on social media about your vacation until you are back from it.
  10. Don’t talk about your travel plans to service people, office people, in church, etc.
  11. Turn off the ringer of your home phone.

Install a video doorbell connected to your mobile phone. Once you answer, you will be able to see who the person is and he/she will think that you are at home.

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